A pilot for TAPA’s new Parking Security Requirements (PSR) involving 25 parking sites in five countries in Europe is just the start of the Association’s ambitions…

With over 40% of all cargo thefts in the EMEA region in 2016 occurring in unsecured parking places, the launch of TAPA EMEA’s new Parking Security Requirements (PSR) and the subsequent creation of a network of TAPA-accredited secure parking places across Europe can’t come soon enough.

For Parking Place Operators (PPOs) which join the programme, it’s an opportunity to gain significant new levels of business. For Manufacturers and their Logistics Service Providers, it’s another crucial step in trying to protect their high value, theft targeted products from attack.

Vigilant spoke to Tony Kavanagh, Secure Parking Working Group Lead, for the latest update…

TAPA has talked about its new Parking Security Requirements taking effect in the first half of 2017. How is this progressing and what is the ‘go live’ date?

We are still on track time-wise. At the start of April all TAPA EMEA members were sent a link to the working draft of our PSR Security Standard and asked to provide their feedback to help us shape the final version. They were able to do this using an online feedback form and now the deadline for responses has passed, we will be looking closely at the comments we have received. Our members’ feedback is essential in ensuring the robustness of the new Standard, just as it was with the 2017 revisions of FSR and TSR. 

You asked for members to volunteer as Secure Parking ‘Ambassadors’ – how successful has this been and can members still offer their support?

We have a growing group of ‘Ambassadors’ but we would still welcome more volunteers. Our first five Ambassadors are leading a pilot programme in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. They each have five parking sites they are going to contact and this will provide valuable feedback on the level of interest we can expect from Parking Place Operators. It will also help us to identify whether we need to refine our approach to get the attention and support of PPOs across Europe when we roll-out the full communications programme.   

At the Q4 2016 conference in Noordwijk you asked delegates to help identify existing parking places they would like to see join TAPA’s secure parking programme. How may sites have so far been identified?

The response in Noordwijk and following our breakout session at the Milan conference in March has been extremely encouraging. I think our members really appreciate how important this initiative is in terms of making a significant step forward in supply chain security in Europe. Thanks to the information provided by our members so far, we have already identified 520 sites in 35 countries with the potential to join the PSR programme. And, we will want many more.       

What is the status of the online secure parking tool?  

We have completed the scope of SPOT (Secure Parking Online Tool) and signed a contract with the technology provider to build it. Programming is under way and will be followed by a pilot.

Separately, we are developing our Certification On-line Tool that was created for TAPA by BSi to support the PSR self-certification process. We expect this to be ready by the end of May.

So, what’s the next step?

The next step for the Working Group is to hear feedback from the initial group of 25 sites we are approaching because this will give us a lot of tangible information and, we hope, our first commitments from PPOs wanting to participate in the PSR programme. 

For our members, the next step is to think about how they can support us. They may want to offer to help out as a Secure Parking ‘Ambassador’ or simply want to share information on parking sites they would like to see adopt our PSR Security Standards. They can communicate directly with the Working Group via secure.parking@(*** please remove ***)tapaemea.org