TAPA EMEA is inviting members to volunteer as ‘Ambassadors’ to support the launch of its new Secure Parking programme in EMEA and to help identify additional sources of cargo crime intelligence for its IIS incident database.


The growth of TAPA’s Incident Information Service intelligence database and the launch of the new Secure Parking programme in the EMEA region will be two of the main areas of focus for the Association in 2017 – and you can help.

TAPA EMEA is seeking volunteers from its membership to act as IIS or Secure Parking Country ‘Ambassadors’ to support both initiatives. Since the first communications

were issued in January by Marcel Saarloos, IIS Lead, and Tony Kavanagh, Secure Parking

Lead, some members have already stepped forward to offer their help. We still need

many more.

So, as an IIS or Secure Parking ‘Ambassador’, what will you need to do?

Secure Parking Country Ambassador - Roles & Requirements


TAPA’s new Secure Parking programme will be launched in the first half of 2017 and aims to work with all stakeholders to identify a network of Secure Parking places to assist TAPA members in protecting high value, theft attractive products moving in their supply chains. Phase 1 of the project will enable parking operators to join the scheme by

Self-Certification, Partnership or Mutual Recognition:

-        Self-Certification: Parking owners conduct a self-audit to TAPA EMEA Parking Security Requirements PSR 3.

-        Partnership: The Parking Place Operator completes a Standards template and signs a declaration that basic security controls are in place.

-        Mutual Recognition: Parking Place Operator meets the requirements of another organisation’s TAPA pre-approved and accredited parking security scheme.

TAPA EMEA is looking for members who are able to assist us as country points of contact for potential parking sites which would be eligible to be part of the scheme.


• To identify potential Secure Parking sites

• To engage and be the local point of contact with parking site owners, sharing the aims

   of TAPA EMEA to identify a network of sites, and visiting the sites as appropriate.

• To work with parking site owners to achieve eligibility to join the scheme via one of

   the above criteria.



• With the help of TAPA members, we have already identified a list of parking locations

   across Europe. We will share this with each Ambassador and outline the locations in

   their country where we require assistance for phase 1.

• To assist Ambassadors in their role, TAPA has developed a marketing pack which

   includes introductory information about TAPA, the aims of the scheme, and the details

   for Self-Certification, Partnership and Mutual Recognition. This can be sent to or left

   with the parking site owners as required.

• For phase 1, TAPA will centrally communicate to the identified parking locations and

   provide the relevant country Ambassador as the local point of contact for further

   follow-up and support for queries.


IIS Ambassador – Roles and Requirements



Cargo theft incidents continue to be widely under-reported. In recent years, TAPA’s proactive approach to developing relationships with a number of Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) has resulted in significant improvements in incident reporting from those countries.

TAPA EMEA is now looking for members who can assist the Association in building similar relationships to help collect cargo theft data in other countries where current links to LEAs are limited and cargo crime reporting is poor. Although most reporting currently relates to cargo thefts involving surface transport (road), TAPA is also looking for information on all relevant cargo crimes involving warehousing, distribution centres, manufacturing centres and at air, ocean and rail freight facilities.

It is important for TAPA that the information is legitimate and free to use and publish in our intelligence reports to help members manage risk in their own supply chains. Therefore, TAPA can only accept and use data from:

-        Open sources

-        Organisations that have given permission for TAPA to use or share the data they have provided

-        Victims of cargo crime



• To search local media to identify reported cargo crime incidents

• To report incidents to TAPA using the IIS online incident report form

• To establish or develop existing relationships with appropriate LEAs, maintaining

   regular contact to form strong working partnerships between LEAs and TAPA


Next Step

TAPA EMEA members who would like to be considered for the voluntary role of a TAPA Secure Parking or IIS Ambassador, are asked to send their details to info@(*** please remove ***)tapaemea.org  with a short summary of the geographical area they are able to cover.