300 TAPA EMEA members and partners will be in Milan next month for the Association’s first main conference of 2017 and Annual General Meeting.

The event on 15 and 16 March is followed by a Regional Conference which is on track to attract a further 100 or more delegates from the Italian manufacturing industry, logistics sector and law enforcement.

As always, the main conference will provide updates on a broad range of topics:

·       An update of the progress of TAPA’s Italian Working Group

·       A presentation on a new cargo crime study in Germany

·       Risk indicators for monitoring suppliers and protecting business continuity

·       Advice on staff screening

The event will open with a keynote address by Carmela Rozza, Security Assessor of Milan Municipality. Delegates will also hear case studies from pharmaceutical and logistics service provider members of the Association, and be invited to learn more about the new security toolkit for drivers being developed for the EU’s DG MOVE by TAPA EMEA and the Cross-border Research Association, which is featured in this issue of Vigilant.

Day 1 of the conference will close with the TAPA EMEA AGM and the handing over of a donation to a local charity, money raised in the TAPA Lottery at its last event in Noordwijk in the Netherlands at the end of last year.

The President of ANAMA, the Italian freight forwarding association, will be the first speaker on day 2 of the conference with an introduction to the association and its work, before the conference takes on a strong law enforcement theme for the rest of the morning with presentations by representatives of TISPOL, the European traffic police network, Europol and Italian law enforcement agencies. This will be followed by a Q&A.

The final session of the morning offers participants a choice of workshops:

·        An update on the TAPA Security Standards, including the new Parking Security Requirements

·        A working session of the driver security toolkit project

·        An Eye-on-Tech technology workshop (to be confirmed) discussing the latest developments in supply chain security

The event will also allocate plenty of time for networking during the conference breaks, lunches and the dinner on day 1. Delegates can find all of the information they need on the TAPA EMEA website.