More logistics companies in EMEA gain TAPA FSR and TSR certifications to highlight their supply chain security commitment to customers...

Whilst growth in the number of certifications slowed quarter-on-quarter, possibly as companies waited to see the final versions of TAPA’s 2017 Facility Security Requirements (FSR) and Trucking Security Requirements (TSR), the year-on-year statistics continue to show a positive upward trend. This will hopefully accelerate certifications in the second half of the year now the revised Security Standards have been published and shared with TAPA members in preparation for their ‘go live’ date of 1 July.  

FSR data for Q1 2017 shows a 17.2% rise in certifications over the same period of last year, increasing from 476 to 558. Of these, 499 were achieved by TAPA EMEA members, the rest by non-members.

The number of countries with TAPA FSR certified locations also rose from 48 to 60. The new countries added to the FSR list in Q1 2017 were:

·        Botswana

·        Gabon

·        Georgia

·        Kenya

·        Kuwait

·        Montenegro

·        Mozambique

·        Madagascar

·        Senegal

·        Tanzania

·        Uganda

·        Zambia

TSR certifications were also higher in Q1 2017 vs. Q1 2016, up by over 27% to 92. There are now TAPA TSR-accredited operators in 22 countries in the EMEA region, thanks to new TSR certifications in Bulgaria, Greece, France, Portugal and the UAE.

In the revised 2017 TAPA Security Standards, the TAPA Air Cargo Security Standards (TACSS) are integrated into the Facility Security requirements. Data for Q1 2017 shows there are only a total of six TACSS certifications.

TAPA Manufacturer members looking for Logistics Service Providers with TAPA FSR and/or TSR certifications can access the full listings of these companies in the password-protected ‘Industry Standards’ section of the Association’s EMEA website at