TAPA EMEA’s Secure Parking (TESP) programme is calling on the Association’s members to help spearhead its development and support the region’s new Parking Security Requirements (PSR) as they prepare for a big sales and marketing push in the New Year.

This follows significant behind-the-scenes progress in developing all of the support tools for the programme and completing the new TAPA EMEA Security Standard.

Why is TESP so important?

•        European freight crime, in particular, is at an unprecedented level, and the biggest threat occurs during road transportation, specifically when drivers need to take mandatory rest breaks

•        Q1 2017, 45% of crimes reported to TAPA EMEA’s Incident Information Service (IIS) involving losses of over €100,000 occurred in unsecured parking places

•        90% of thefts with a value between €50,000 and €100,000 took place in unsecure parking locations

“The main challenge for transport companies trying to identify secure parking places, particularly in Europe, is the lack of a single platform that matches route planning, known incidents of cargo crime, and secure parking sites. There is also concern over the overall lack of measurable, credible secure parking locations across EMEA. It is clear that the lack of a database of trusted and secure parking places means vehicles most often end up parked in unsecured or proven parking sites, such as lay-bys, motorway services or industrial estates. Cargo theft intelligence shows this makes vehicles, their loads and drivers as easy target for cargo thieves operating in those areas,” said Tony Kavanagh, who leads TAPA’s secure Parking Working Group.

TAPA will be proactively promoting its new programme to Parking Place Operators to highlight the business opportunities that exist for parking sites that step up to meet the new PSR Standard, which has been developed in consultation with TAPA’s Manufacturing and Logistics Service Provider members.

Current status

•        PSR Level 3 Security Standard is now complete and published

•        PSR registration tool in place

•        SPOT, TAPA EMEA’s new Secure Parking Online Tool, is in the final stage of testing


How you can help;

The TESP team have identified four ways for TAPA EMEA members to support the secure parking programme:

•        Advocate participation to vendors

•        Promote PSR participation to Parking Place Operators and owners through your trucking network

•        If you are a TSR-certified company, promote PSR to parking sites when you carry out risk assessments

•        Consider including PSR Standards in your security policies

For more information, click on this banner of the TAPA EMEA website to access the new PSR Security Standard as well as the rest of the secure parking programme, including contacts for further information.