Cargo crimes reported to TAPA’s Incident Information Service (IIS) database in October rose 10.3% in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region year-on-year to 246.


The total value for the 134 or 54.4% of these incidents reporting financial data was €4,619.390, producing an average loss for these crimes of €34,473. 

The month saw only five major losses – compared to 11 in October 2016 – producing a total loss of €812,506. TAPA EMEA has been asked not to publish the details of two of these crimes. The other three major cargo thefts last month all occurred in Germany and involved:


On 19 October, a Theft from Facility with the recorded M.O. of Internal resulted in the loss of car turbochargers from a Road Transportation Facility in Herne in the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia. The car parts were removed from boxes and the boxes were then resealed using tape to try to conceal the theft.   


In Baden-Württemberg on 28 October, Tools/Building Materials were stolen from a Services 3rd Party Facility in Hockenheim. 


Brandenburg was the third German state to record a major freight theft in October. This incident on 14 October saw thieves escape with televisions in a Theft of Trailer crime at a Secured Parking site in Zossen.

Losses between €50-100K total over €1.2 million

TAPA’s IIS was notified of a further 17 thefts with losses ranging between €50,000 and €100,000. The total value of these incidents was €1,247,184.

While it is unusual for the United Kingdom to record no major losses of €100,000 or more, it was the country accounting for 15 or 88.2% of incidents of between €50-100K.

Losses in this value range included:

·        €95,957 – On 25 October, thieves stole televisions after cutting the curtain side on a truck parked in a lay-by on the M1 in Bedfordshire, UK

·        €94,708 – A shipment of Phones in another Theft from Vehicle crime after offenders cut the curtain side of a truck parked on a industrial estate in Northampton in the UK, East Midlands, on 19 October 

·        €88,576 – Another curtain-cutting crime in the East Midlands, on 15 October Tyres were stolen from a truck that had stopped in a lay-by on the A1 in Nottinghamshire

·        €88,230 – Frozen fish and seafood was taken in this Theft of Trailer incident in Denmark on 9 October. No further information was recorded

·        €83,177 – On 10 October, Toys/Games were stolen after thieves targeted a truck in a lay-by on the A43 in Tiffield, UK, cutting the tarpaulin curtain to reach the goods inside

·        €83,031 – Electrical products stolen from a truck parked at Stone Motorway Service Area (MSA) in Staffordshire, UK, on 25 October in a further curtain-cutting incident

·        €76,993 – A shipment of women’s boots was taken in another crime at a UK MSA on 19 October after the thieves slashed the curtain side of the vehicle at Northampton Services

·        €69,853 – On 2 October, wine was stolen in a Theft from Vehicle crime in  Rothersthorpe, Northamptonshire, UK. The driver had parked in a lay-by near to the M1 motorway 

·        €65,739 – Televisions were stolen from another lay-by, this time in Bedfordshire in the East of England on 25 October

·        €63,593 – On 10 October, Computers/Laptops were taken by thieves after they cut the curtain of a semi-trailer parked on an industrial estate in Alfreton, Derbyshire, UK

·        €62,900 – Kegs of beer were the target in this robbery involving deception which occurred in Barking in Essex, UK. Offenders wearing logoed clothing and claiming to be from the delivery destination told the driver he was late and would have to unload his vehicle elsewhere. He was sent to another location on the industrial estate, where the thieves loaded the cargo onto an 18 tonne vehicle before telling the driver to wait where he was while they drove away from the scene

The United Kingdom, Netherlands and Germany account for 88.1% of October crimes.  

The United Kingdom once again recorded the most cargo crimes in the TAPA IIS database with 98 incidents in October, 39.8% of the monthly total. 93.8% of these crimes reported a value, totalling €3,180,784. A big surge in recorded crimes in Germany accounted for a further 64 or 26.3% of losses last month, while the Netherlands was the only other country out of the 16 reporting cargo thefts to reach double figures. TAPA was notified of 54 cargo crimes in the Netherlands, 22% of the October total.

Losses were recorded in 15 TAPA IIS product categories, including five with more than 10 incidents:

·        Furniture/Household Appliances – 26 incidents or 10.5% of all crimes in October

·        Food & Drink – 22 or 8.9%

·        Clothing & Footwear – 16 or 6.5%

·        Tobacco – 11 or 4.5%

·        Cosmetics & Hygiene – 11 or 4.5%

There were also 19 cases involving Theft of trucks and/or trailers with no load onboard.

Theft from Vehicle crimes accounted for 187 or 76.2% of the October total, with Theft from Trailer the only other type of incident to record double figures, 11 in total or 4.5%. Most crimes involving Theft from Vehicle continued to take place when trucks stopped in Unsecured Parking locations, where thieves regularly cut vehicles’ tarpaulin curtains in order to steal products. Last month there were 185 crimes reported as taking place in Unsecured Parking locations, 75.1% of all newly-recorded incidents. TAPA’s IIS also received intelligence on 23 incidents of cargo theft in Secured Parking locations. Intrusion was the modus operandi stated in 190 or 77.1% on thefts or attempted thefts from supply chains in October.

TAPA members can source further intelligence on these and the other cargo crimes recorded in October 2017 in the Association’s password-protected Incident Information Service (IIS) database.