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IFSEC 2017 had 578 companies exhibiting from 39 countries around the globe

Whilst the majority of visitors were from the UK, 35% of the 27,000 attendees were from outside the UK, most of them from Europe. More interestingly to note is the audience itself. Over 60% of the attendees were end users. This clearly indicates the high level of interest from end users in identifying the latest products on the market and investing in the right technologies and solutions for their needs.

Having walked around the exhibition hall I must say there was innovation on show but nothing revolutionary. Many companies seem to be working hard on improving their current solutions at better prices. For the customer it means that most suppliers will deliver quality, but often with a different set of features.



ONVIF (onvif.org) announces final release of Profile A for broader access control configuration

As you probably know, ONVIF is the global standardisation initiative for IP-based physical security products. Today, ONVIF is mainly used for IP Video Protocol standardisation. If a device (a camera) and a client (a recorder) have the same ONVIF Profile, then a certain set of functions can be executed between the two, regardless of the brand of the device or the client. In other words, the device and client should seamlessly talk to each other.

For video, ONVIF will propose different Profiles such as Profile S (very well known) or Profile G and, more recently, Profile Q which includes TLS support, a secure communication protocol between devices and clients.

Just recently ONVIF launched the Profile A for products used in a physical access control system (PACS) environment. Expect access control manufacturers to conform step-by-step to this new Profile. It will allow you soon to ‘mix & match’ access control products from different vendors when needed.


Mobile Access Control permission management with CLIQ Connect solution

The new CLIQ Connect solution is a simple and cost-effective way for facility managers to administer mobile workers’ access control rights. Facility managers can update, amend, revoke or renew access rights remotely using the CLIQ Web Manager software and the latest Bluetooth technology paired with a mobile phone. This enables a mobile worker in any location to access locks. They simply open the CLIQ Connect app on their mobile phone to transfer updated access permissions instantly to their programmable CLIQ key via Bluetooth.

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Announces ProBio-ID Multimodal Access Control Unit

Called ProBio-ID, it’s designed to be configured with door locks in just the same way as a keypad or card reader can be installed. The device offers facial recognition via a built-in camera, and supports fingerprint recognition. It can also read RFID cards, supports PIN entry, and can be configured to operate using any combination of these security mechanisms.

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A strategic relationship with Alutel brings mobility to Security Center Synergis with mobile readers that can generate access events, virtual zones and geo-fence alerts from any location.

Genetec Inc. announced that its technology partner Alutel Mobility, a manufacturer of mobile access control systems, now offers extended access control capabilities to open areas, transport facilities, construction sites, mining, oil and gas operations, and education establishments without having to rely on physical readers or installations. Alutel Mobile is available now for Genetec™ Security Center, the company’s unified, open-architecture platform that combines access control, video management systems and automatic licence plate recognition (ALPR).

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Where will you spend your future security budget?

The access control market is projected to reach US$10.03 billion by 2023 from $6.39 billion in 2016 at a CAGR of 6.48% from 2017 to 2023. This will be driven by the high adoption of access control systems due to growing security concerns, technological advancements, the deployment of wireless technology in security systems, and the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT)-based security systems.


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